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Immutable christmas, teams that scale and markdown presentations…

Hello there,

after this short delay, I am back with the latest iteration of the weekly newsletter. I hope you are well – I really do. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season ahead of you and I hope there will be cookies.

To Domain Driven Design by Kevin Mas Ruiz

Great article, explaining on how Kevin introduces DDD into an old and heavy monolith application. He adds a very interesting thought of adding personas to your modeling efforts, to make use cases a lot more clear. Love the approach!

Immutable by default by Bendik Solheim

Third entry in the great functional christmas calendar, explaining the concept of immutability. You should definitely check out the other entries as well!

How GitHub’s CTO Architects Engineering Teams That Scale

12 very good points to consider, when building big engineering teams. Event when you have not reached this step yet, some of the points are very valuable. My favorite: „Find the right org structure for you right now”.

Marp - Markdown Presentation Ecosystem

I love markdown! I really do. I use markdown wherever I can, to ensure that I will never be locked into any file format in the future. I even use it to create presentation slides for my lectures, using the awesome Deckset. Now there is a new tool, which is super similar to Deckset, called Marp! It surely misses some of Decksets features, but it is available on more platforms, and comes with it’s own vs code plugin. I will definitely make good use of this in the future!

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