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20 years of programming, software quality and AWS in plain english

Hello friends,

this week, I am sending special greetings from beautiful Veria. I hope you like the links, and don’t forget to recommend and share the newsletter.

5 things I‘ve learned in 20 years of programming by Erik Dietrich

Great article, giving some insight into 20 years of experience as a developer. The point that resonated most with me, was the part about the „expert beginner“. Unfortunately, I have seen many of those, especially during my freelancing days.

The epistemology of software quality by Hillel Wayne

Great long read on the always great increment website. The article talks about all those things we do to improve the quality of our software, but ignoring things that actually do move the needle, like sleep, stress and amount of working hours. Wonderful article, I highly recommend reading it.

AWS in plan english

Very old page, but still very enjoyable read. My favorite is probably „Amazon Unlimited FTP Server“. 😄

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