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Well rounded architects, Postgres as pub/sub, a crash course in compilers and more…

Hello there,

we are back with a new iteration of the weekly newsletter. Today’s version includes a lot of great articles, some of those even have really well designed websites (not that this matters a lot, but it is a nice bonus). I hope you like the links. Please feel free to share the link to the newsletter, as well as giving me feedback via twitter.com/__florian.

The Well Rounded Architect by Pat Kua

Pat Kua came up with six important traits, that are important in being a well rounded architect: Acting as a Leader, Being a developer, Having a systems focus, Thinking like an entrepreneur, Balancing strategic with tactical thinking and Communicating well. I personally really love this article, because it helps you to identify your blind spots.

Pat also has a wonderful weekly newsletter, called “level up”, which I highly recommend.


Run less software by Rich Archbold

Great article (with a lot of great illustrations) that tried to convince you to build and run less software. Running a lot of software that you – in a worst case scenario – even build yourself will only create more complexity on your end, without adding anything tot he business.

I love the point he is making and I know that we are all fighting this fight every day between wanting to build something and trying to find a good vendor to outsource to.

System design hack: Postgres is a great pub/sub & job server by Colin Chartier

I feel like the love for Postgres has really risen in the past two or three years. It seems to be a super solid solution for all your relational database needs, and can even help you with some document needs (Postgres supports json fields).

Using a database to do pub/sub sounds like heresy, but this article makes a good point that Postgres can actually be a good solution for your needs.

A crash course in compilers by Ramsey Nasser

Ramsey leads you through the thought process that gets you to the point where you want to start writing your own compiler. It describes the fundamental ideas, without touching any code, which makes it a wonderful read.

Microservice Patterns and Antipatterns by Stefan Tilkov

This summary of a talk at the microXchg Berlin conference, summarizes a few antipatterns, that probably all of us have seen in the past years: Distributed Monolith, Decoupling Illusion, Micro Platform and Entity Service. Each antipattern comes with an article going deeper into the topic, and each of them is worth a read.

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