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Organic Architecture, Go is the new Ruby, event-driven serverless and more…

Hello friends,

I am back with a new release of the weekly newsletter for tech leaders and architects. I hope you enjoy today’s links. I am – as always – looking forward to your opinions and ideas via twitter.com/__florian or as an email reply to this email (yes, that works!).

Organic Software Architecture by Kevin Mas Ruiz

Kevin gives a wonderful insight into his vision for better software architecture. He calls his vision “organic”, which puts the business and teams in the center of attention to create a good software architecture.

I personally absolutely agree that good software architecture is the result of helping smart teams to understand the problem domain and come up with long lasting solutions.

Go is the new Ruby by Frank Denis

On first glance, Ruby and Golang could not be any more different. But in this article, the author describes how the things that got him interested in Ruby, are present in Golang as well.

The challenges of developing event-driven serverless systems at massive scale by Forrest Brazeal

A lot of great insight into actually building a serverless event-driven system in the real world. Way too much to compress into one or two paragraphs, so go ahead and read it for yourself. ;)

Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path by Keavy McMinn

Great advice on staying on the technical leadership path (instead of going the management route).

… I have deliberately chosen to stay on the engineer track and try to cultivate it to my needs. My motivation is mostly about continuing to do work that I love. I enjoy the creativity of engineering work: I love solving a problem from initial paper scribbles all the way through to shipped product and knowing “I made that.”

Mermaid documentation

Mermaid is a very nerdy way to generate pretty nice diagrams, using text. That’s it. ;)

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